shower cabin product technique

high quality material, professional production

high quality material

safety standards,higher than national standards

  • 304 stainless steel

    304 stainless steel is of corrosion-resistance, fatigue-resistance and high load-bearing capacity. Accessory molds of each product are made individually, which makes the accessories match well with highest accuracy.

  • toughened safety glass

    Safety glass selected conforms to national standard: in the unit surface of 5*5cm,60-80 glass particles when broken,which is higher than national standard.

advanced techniques design

advanced technology, professional production

  • Nano technology

    German Nano easy clean surface technique makes the shower cabin stalinite easy clean and corrosion-resistant.

  • interlock technology

    concealed sliding rollers with anti- shaking technology have double load-bearing area, which prevents water residue and ensures that the doors are safe ,stable and smooth when slid.

  • waterproof system

    Finely designed, focused on details, totally waterproof systems achieve isolating the dried from the wet.

  • waste water drainage design

    When the door of shower enclosure is opened, special waste water drainage design automatically collect and drain the waste water back to shower enclosure.

  • buffering roller design

    Buffering rollers have strong impact-resistant capacity and longer service life.

high quality accessories

We only choose best accessory suppliers.

  • self-lubricating hinge

    Self-lubricating material is used to reduce function failure cause of friction and make sure the service life of the hinge. The hinges can work for 0.5 million times without malfunction.

  • dustproof sliding rail

    Special V type dustproof sliding rail structure design can reduce noise during sliding and can make sure its smooth movement.

  • sound dampening pivots

    304stainless steel self-lubricating pivots are quiet and smooth when the doors are pushed or pulled, which makes for longer service life.

  • high quality stone style base

    The base is high quality artificial marble,which is anti-deformation and anti-fading.

  • Heat-resistant rubber strip

    The rubber strips can bear high temperature of 60℃ and low temperature of -20℃, which are extra transparent , clear , eco-friendly, heat-resistant and anti-aging.

5 type shower enclosure

Different types for your different needs

  • 1.rectangle type

    All parts are straight lines. Generally, its has only two pieces of glasses, attached to L-angle walls, forming a rectangle. So rectangle type is also called as “L type”.

  • 2.diamond type

    All parts are straight lines, door width is generally 636mm or 707 mm.

  • 3.quadrant type

    The middle part is arc attached to two L-angle walls.

  • 4.U type

    The middle part is arc . For the other two parts, one is straight line, the other is arc.

  • 5.line type shower enclosure

    The product is of line type installed between two walls. This type is modern bathroom choice.