Bathroom Furniture Production Technics

Fine Material Processing And Professional Production

Production Technique

Imported Glaze Ingredients, Silver Ion Anti-Microbial
Supor adopts Imported glaze ingredients. Nano glaze is extra smooth, which avoids dirt residue and makes kitchen cleaning easy.
Easy Cleaning
When Cleaning Dirt

Picture Of Glaze Comparison Under Microscope

Normal Glaze Under Microscope
Obvious concave-convex can be seen under microscope, easy to attract dirt and bacteria, which may cause odor after long time use.
Innovative Glaze Under Microscope
Innovative glaze under microscope is smooth and graceful. This kind of glaze is dirt-resistant, bacteria-resistant, odor-resistant and easy to clean.
DTC Hydraulic Buffer Hinge
Heavy crash won't happen when the door closes, which is so quiet and lengthens the service life of the bathroom furniture.
DTC Slide Rail
The slide rails are durable. There is no friction noise while working. They won't slide out.
TANDEM slide rail technology makes for smooth slide. The slide rails are self-closing, easily adjustable. The slide rails have built-in disconnection prevention bolts . Vertical position can be adjustable. Load-bearing capacity is over 30kgs.